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Aunty ivy

Time to heal is now

Lifetime of Experience

Aunty Ivy

Tena Koe, Talofa Lava, Bula Vanaka, Yoway and Greetings

Aunty Ivy is a Cultural Ambassador, healer and teacher. Her mentoring draws from her Homelands heritage Aotearoa, NZ. Her life’s work honours cultural practices embodied in a cross cultural lineage of Polynesian, Asian and European bloodlines. Her work and walk of integrity across the globe is a potent advocacy for humanity and nature.

Aunty Ivy is a personification of strength, beauty and wisdom. She holds the markers of positive change to come, as shown by the markings on her face. These markings represent the human continuum of past, present, and future on our Earth. Her foundation and walk stand strong in the belief of a positive future. A future that ensures humanity’s existence with abundance, peace and harmony. Through gratitude, respect and re-connection with ourselves, re-connection with each other, we can walk in balance with Mother Nature, the elements and all nature provides ~ that nourish and sustain all life on Earth.


PAST 2010 - PRESENT 2020 - FUTURE 2030

  • Training and knowledge handed down from past and present global Elders.

  • Diplomatic International Representative of Aotearoa (NZ) & Polynesia.

  • Bachelor Degree with Honours at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

  • Personalised featured and televised documentary of her work.

  • Recognised as one of New Zealand's top Youth and Family Specialists.

  • Winner of NZ Award of Compassion support with an exhibition of her work.

  • Recognised for unconditional voluntary contributions of time and services.

Oriental Lotus




The world is fundamentally disconnected. Most people are not aware of the damage that is happening to our cultures, our society and our environment. We have a responsibility to “ Take Care” of ourselves; each other and the vulnerable , Our Elders and Our Children. Mother Earth, Father Sky, All Sacred Waters & Animals are “Calling for Action”


It’s time to Unite Humanity as a collective. It’s time to bridge the Old stories of the Wisdom Keepers and listen to the voices of the New Future Leaders and Younger Generations. A Global story that unites us all together and connects us back to the Source that gives us life.



During her global walk Aunty Ivy has developed a diverse Global Team of integral wise elders, young leaders and youthful change makers. Her Foundation brings forth a story to unite the “Call of Action” The “prophecies” hold her urgent warning for humanity to WakeThe FACTS Up!


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