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A Universal message in action

2020 projects of "GIVING FROM HEARTS"

  • One Language Documentary

  • Global Conferences of Action

  • ​Creative HeArts Campaign

2020 carries the prophecies which are marked  on Ivy's face. They represent a 500 year universal plan, actioned through unconditional love to look after Mother Earth, the elements, all living beings and of course, ourselves. To carry out the teachings of our ancestors and walk in the spirit of faith. This is the true spirit to bring back inner peace and harmony to our homelands. 

Ivy's initiation into grandmotherhood in 2017 led to her next challenge. A 3 year Global self-funded journey. This allowed her to observe, teach and bring together a global community of awake and conscious people.  2020 has found Ivy with a group of emerging and committed leaders and a team to work with to wake up the worlds hearts! 

The tides are turning, its time for action through, creative, nurturing and protection. Reciprocity which offers Spiritual abundance, prosperity and care taking with Reverence and Grace.

The time is here where all beings and beliefs need to come together in Unconditional love in Unity to join Hearts to Heal Humanity to bring back Peace and Harmony. 

It is time to speak her message of her sacred markings she walks with to “Wake the FACT up”.  It is time for TRUTH.

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