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Ivy's life

Aunty Ivy's passion comes from her own personal experiences. We all learn through our most challenging times, and her resilience, determination and commitment shine through for all to see. She dedicates her life to supporting the needs of young people and their families, especially those experiencing trauma, substance abuse and suicide. 


In her 25 years of being in service she gained teaching and recognition:

  • Training and knowledge handed down from Past and Present Global Elders.

  • Recognized for Unconditional Voluntary contributions of time and services.

  • Bachelor Degree with Honours at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

  • Recognized as one of New Zealand's top Youth and Family Specialists.

  • Personalized featured televised documentary's of her work.

  • Winner of NZ Award of Compassion support with an exhibition of her work.

  • International Representative leader of NZ presenting at several conferences.

of hardship and trauma which informs her dedication & compassion to her work.










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