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Involvement and press

NEW ZEALAND 2010, South Seas Documentary

In 2010, South Seas Films produced a documentary film entitled More Than Meets The I, telling the story of Aunty Ivy’s styles of work models and programmes with gangs, schools and the government contracts in NZ. (

NEW ZEALAND 2009, Unitech, Technology of Education , NZ winner of Compassion Award & Exhibition

Recipient of Unitech National Award of NZ for compassion and service to society, ‘New Zealand’s Greatest Idiot project in 2010 an international exhibition of Ivy's work with youth at risk was supported by Russian Artist who traveled far to exchange there creative cultural arts.

JAPAN 2008, Nation Leader of New Zealand

Ivy worked as the Ambassador and National leader for New Zealand at the United Nations, Core of civil society conference of Youth and Development Legislation and Policies in 2004

NEW ZEALAND 2004, Greenstone Pictures Documentary

In 2004 Greenstone Pictures produced a documentary film series entitled” The Outsiders” based around one of Aunty Ivy’s healing retreats for indigenous youth at risk. (


The Global Walk (2017-2020)

Ivy grew up in the traditional teachings and culture of Polynesia, Aotearoa and Australia. And as a young girl she was chosen to carry out a personal spiritual contract for the future. All her life she has remained dedicated to stay focused, grounded in truth to prepare for what we are facing today to reclaim and rebuild for the present abd next generations to come . . She was foretold that once she would pass the rites of passage of becoming a Grandmother, she would have to go far across the waters to access where humanity is at , then return to help to wake-up the Spirit inside the people to look after all Life ...

And as foretold, Ivy's initiation into grandmotherhood in 2017 led to this next challenge. A 4 year self-funded Global journey, planting seeds of hope and traveling across over

countries to share the Earth's wisdom through prayer, stories, and music. She was guided on her global journey to meet many Elders who are still holding the original teachings and are willing to hand over this wisdom for the future generations. And at the same time she was putting together a global team of young leaders who are ready to action the change.

In 2018 Ivy traveled back to water the seeds with her Elemental teachings to regrow the hearts of the people and to heal and remember that we are the medicine and teachers of the future. In 2019 Ivy established her trusted, global frontline family. Word of her leadership grew fast through her integrity, truth and love for all. As 2020 began, her Global Walk was complete. It is now time for action.

Aunty Ivy is honoured to work alongside and lead a global front line team of leaders who together are actioning various projects. The Global Walk was intended to wake the hearts of the people. To remember we are all caregivers of our planet. To remember to respect and take care of what was given to us freely at birth by Mother Earth and Father Sky. ​

In short, the Global Walk was intended to:

* Wake Up the Medicine within ourselves

* Reconnect to the sacredness of life

* Respect & Action, Universal teachings from Heart with each other

* Forgiving the Past, Living the Present and Reclaiming our Future

It's time now to wake up and work together to Clean, Respect, Appreciate and Protect what gives us life

For the People,by the People, Back to the People.

NEW YORK 2019– United Nations Conference,

Global mentor and Cultural advisor to the young activists of the world. Ivy was a personal support to Autumn Peltier young Chief and Water protector form Canada. (

AMSTERDAM 2018 –Inner Peace Conference,

A conference where global leaders share their teachings and ceremonies. Ivy shared her teachings with Pipa (2 years) and Dante (5 years) in a Elemental Ceremony sharing awareness of inner peace, forgiveness and celebrations (

IBIZA 2018 Rise 2018 Up event, Global Indigenous Leander Kiva Prayer

Ivy shared her teachings and ceremonies with Rise Up, Ibiza, a global event for uniting science and ancestral traditions, cultures and beliefs to allow self healing and awareness of healing our Motherlands , waters and skies, all that give us life

AUSTRALIA 2018, Brisbane, Women of the World conference

Ivy represented Aotearoa and Polynesia as a cultural healer and ambassador for women and girls supporting action and change of confidence and leadership 2018 (

NEW YORK 2017, Nexus Global, Rights of Nature conference

Ivy represented NZ and Polynesia, at the global summit for radical shifts in consciousness, discussing global water and land rights in New Zealand and spoke on a panel with Elders from Amazon and Standing Rock giving solutions to social developments of Global change: (

2020 The Big Wake-Up

2020 has always been prophesied as the year of the Big Wake-Up. Then humanity would have the opportunity to bring the world in peace and harmony again. 2020 carries the prophecies which are marked on Ivy's face. They represent a 500 year universal plan, actioned through unconditional love to look after Mother Earth, the elements, all living beings and ourselves. To carry out the teachings of our ancestors and walk in the spirit of faith. This is the true spirit to bring back inner peace and harmony to our homelands.

Now the tides are turning, it is time for action through, creating, nurturing and protection. Reciprocity which offers abundance, prosperity and care taking with reverence and grace. The time is now where all beings and beliefs need to come together in unconditional love and unity, to join hearts and heal humanity to bring back peace and harmony.

It is time to speak her message of her sacred markings she walks with to “Wake the FACTS up”. It is time for TRUTH.

Ivy is currently working to support, educate and weave the coming generation together with the elders and leaders in the projects of 2021, working to heal the effects of colonisation, cultural appropriation, racism and the paradox of the masculine and feminine. The projects are now opening up for funding and resources for the Big Clean-up of 2021. The campaign is built by support from heart, so have a look at the projects to see how you can be part of the conscious movement.


2021 The Big Clean-Up

The world has woken up in 2020, but in 2021 the world will need a big Clean-Up. The paradigm of greed, power and dominance is over, it is time to forgive, be grateful and celebrate our existence again. It is time to come back to the essential human virtues of responsibility, accountability, integrity, love, respect, peace, freedom and no judgement. To remember our contract with the Earth as guardians who need to protect and take care of her and ourselves. It is time to heal the past, live the future and reclaim the future.

Jan 2021 Global prayer to forgive the past

Jan - Mar 2021 Documentary to wake up the present

Apr 2021 Launch projects to reclaim the future

Dec 2021 Dance celebration

No Harm to Life documentary

Leadership programs

Awaken European Identity

In the last 2000 years Europe has lost its ancient wisdom traditions. The teachings, songs and rituals of the old wisdom traditions are forgotten. Traditions that all understood humanities place in the natural system. Wisdom that needs to be honored and remembered again. The Spirit is still in the people and the land. But we need to come together now. We have been looking outside all the time, but we need to look inside again. Inside ourselves, our teachings, our lands and our own ancestral wisdom and heritage.

The project consists of a serie of gatherings to unite in the European nature with the last Elders of the different ancient wisdom traditions of Europe. Family friendly events with talks, workshops, prayers, storytelling, healing, music, local medicines and fire ceremonies. A coming together and celebration of the wisdom of the Celts, Druids, Germans, Saxons, Vikings, Sami, Inuit, Nortic etc. Guided by the Elders to awaken the European identity again. So far, the serie has been planned for Amsterdam, London and Sweden.

The gatherings will be supported by a PR campaign to create awareness and education about the movement. There is a calling in many young European hearts to come in harmony with themselves and nature again. Many are interested in the old wisdom traditions, but don't have access to these teachings. Therefore the PR campaign has an important role to reach to as many young European hearts as possible.

Every gathering will be filmed and the Elders will be interviewed. All content will become available online for the new generation to easily access and to learn from.

These gatherings will heal and awaken the people and the land, and they will set example for many more family friendly events.

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