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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Online art exhibition.

From Creative HeARTS, Will Gift Hearts, To Save Hearts. This will be an online venue for Creatives and Artists to donate artwork, music and creative pieces. The culture of sharing beauty and creativity to the world inherently opens hearts to re-connection to

the self, each other and what matters.

The funds from this online gallery go to saving children from human trafficking and Sexual Abuse Victims

Support programs include Aunty Ivy’s future adoption agency that selects new parents through means of the heart.Portfolios are reviewed in depth by chosen intuitive healers to bulletproof the existing process that is not safe.

Children traumatized globally will walk forth in a safer, more protected life and a guaranteed future, as the qualified families will have to attend a training programs of protocol and values as well as a support "tool box". They will be included in an ongoing Life Support Tribe designed to support the new families journey.

This campaign also lends itself to in-person exhibitions that occur over the span of three days:

  • Day one hosts an educational summit.

  • Day two hosts the artistic works exhibition ( where some of this art work will be displayed).

  • Day three ends in a sacred ceremony, prayer and communal cultural song.

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