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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Harm to life occurs at many levels in our society, around the world.

From harm to Mother Earth, that provides us life, to harm we inflict upon ourselves and each other.

As a global society, we are still healing trauma that stems from generations back.

Statistics show that 98% of men that are blamed for abuse to women, have been abused themselves. The men of our world need healing on a deep level, so that they can be men again, and we as a society can walk in balance, in harmony.


For any harm, that may have been committed, there are resounding repercussions to mental and physical health.

Although traditionally, in most cultures, men and women may have had different roles to play, they ought to be treated and seen as equals for the value they bring to life. No matter what role they play in our evolving society.


So we can start the healing with the most potent healing trait of all, forgiveness. Forgiveness to self and forgiveness to others.

The face of this campaign is through a global program that Aunty will personally train and supervise front line chosen leaders to bring these healing programs all through action and education, to strengthen our next generations family structures. This will allow the storytellers, those men that have battled with harm and now walk in harmony with all their relations.

Their victory shines bright, through their actions, reverence to life in society, and to

all life on our Earth. As storytellers, they will lead the men before them and the men that come after them to realize the gift of forgiveness, leading to a balanced masculine and feminine presence on our Earth. For ourselves and generations to come. (#healing #forgiveness #equality)

Aunty Ivy

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