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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The Universal Delegation of Truth and Action consists of equanimous circles of intergenerational leaders that transfer wisdom to the world.

From the circle of Elders that protect, to the circle of Guides that teach, they support and amplify the voices of the Children and Youth that walk in purpose, empowering all to a better way forward. As the circles bridge each other, the children’s voices are held safely and heard with more respect as they ripple out to affect individuals and structures of change.

Through their pure perspective, the young people of this delegation lead the way through the topics they represent. From the cleansing of intergenerational trauma, to the healing of Mother Nature and the elements. Through reconnection to what

matters and technological innovation. .

Truth Talks

Truth talks blends the truths of the ages into a new way, shared by the pure minds of Youth, so we all can be empowered to walk forth together into a bright future.

Traditional science is bridged with modern innovation, in this delicate time of change, to lead the world forward to a purer choice.

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