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How it began

 As a young girl Ivy received guidance through Spirit.

She was chosen to carry out a personal spiritual contract in which, respect, patience, resilience and discipline were required. She of course accepted the challenge.

Ivy's Global Walk is intended to wake the hearts of the people. To remember we are all caregivers of our planet. We must respect what was given to us freely at birth by Mother Earth & Father Sky.

After the birth of her first grandchild, Ivy initiated her rite of passage as a Grandmother. From that moment on (as foretold by her ancestors many years before) her Three Year Walk around the Globe could begin.

Aunty Ivy  has been able to travel the globe, observing, teaching, exchanging and leading in wisdom. She has graciously shared the skills needed to support everyone. Any community, culture, or generation will benefit from her globally relevant teachings, shared from the heart.

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