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Ivy's Global walk

Ivy started her 3 year self-funded Global Walk, planting seeds of hope through her teachings. She travelled across 15 countries, sharing her wisdom through prayer, stories, and music.  

The Walk was intended to wake the hearts of the people. To remember we are all caregivers of our planet. We must respect what was given to us freely at birth by Mother Earth & Father Sky.

The Global Walk was to:


   * Reconnect to all sacredness of life

   * Wake Up the Medicine within ourselves

   * Respect & Action, Universal teachings from Heart with each other

   * Forgiving the Past, Living the Present and Reclaiming our Future 

  • In 2018  Ivy traveled back to water the seeds with her Elemental teachings to regrow the hearts of the people to heal and remember we are the Medicine and Teachers of the future .

  • In 2019 Ivy established her trusted, global frontline family. Word of her leadership grew fast through her integrity, truth and love for all.

  • As 2020 began, her mission was complete. We are ready for action.


Aunty Ivy is honoured to work alongside and lead a global front line team of leaders who together, will action various projects.


For the People,by the People, Back to the People.


It's time now to wake up and work together to Clean, Respect, Appreciate and Protect what gives us life.

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