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Tena Koe, Talofa Lava, Bula Vanaka, Yoway and Greetings,

Aunty Ivy is a Cultural Ambassador, healer & teacher. Her mentoring draws from her Homelands heritage Aotearoa, NZ. Her life’s work, honours cultural practices embodied in a cross cultural lineage of Polynesian, Asian & European bloodlines. Her work & walk of integrity across the Globe is a potent advocacy for humanity & nature.

A frontline Global Humanitarian Ambassador, Indigenous Elder , youth & family cultural advisor & trauma specialist, Ivy’s work is transformational. Individual, community, government & private organizations have benefited from her insights in social work, suicide prevention, mental health, drug, alcohol, substance abuse recovery, , personal healing, trauma management, conflict & crisis resolution, with an embodied cultural lore perspective, honouring elders & ancestors.

Recently Undertaking a self funded 3-year global walk 2017-2019 exchanging Universal teachings with Indigenous Elders in first nations communities, government conferences , summits , global frontline activists and within global communities. Aunty has a potent message to the urgent call to protect sacred knowledge and lands, with a moving truth telling & deep listening advocacy. Ivy’s three-year walk has taken her from New Zealand and Australia to Europe, Asia, North America and South America, including Japan, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Canada, New York, New Mexico, Brazil, and Mexico. Throughout this walk Ivy has planted prayers, led ceremonies, retreats and healings and participated in numerous International conferences, meetings and documentaries to bring awareness and support frontline leaders to action in peace , truth with love as One race the Human Race! 🙏🏽

  • Japan, Nation Leader of New Zealand, I was the Ambassador and National leader for New Zealand at the United Nations, Core of civil society conference of Youth and Development Legislation and Polices in 2004

  • New Zealand, Greenstone Pictures Documentary, In 2004 greenstone pictures produced a documentary film series entitled” The Outsiders” based around one of Aunty Ivy’s healing retreats for indigenous youth at risk.

  • Unitech, Technology of Education , Nz winner of compassion award & Exibtion . Recipient of unitech national award of NZ for compassion and service to society, ‘New Zealand’s Greatest Idiot project in 2010 an international exhibition of Ivy's work with youth at risk was supported by Russian Artist who traveled far to exchange there creative cultural arts.

  • New Zealand , South Seas Documentary In 2010, South Seas Films produced a documentary film entitled More Than Meets The I, telling the story of Aunty Ivy’s styles of work models and programmes with gangs, schools and the government contracts in Nz. (Link film

  • Australia, Brisbane, WOW (woman of the world) conference . I Represented Aotearoa and Polynesia as a cultural healer and ambassador for women and girls supporting action and change of confidence and leadership 2018.(

  • Ibiza, Rise Up event, Global Indigious Leander Kiva Prayer I Shared my teachings and ceremony with Rise Up, Ibiza, a global event for unting science and ancestral traditions, cultures and beliefs to allow self healing and awareness of healing our Motherlands , waters and skies, all that give us life

  • Amsterdam - Inner Peace Conference, Global leaders sharing teachings and ceremony. I shared my teachings with Pipa 2 years and Dante 5 year in Elemental ceremony sharing awareness of inner peace, forgiveness and celebrations (video:

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